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We deliver tailor made, high end, visual content for social media and web. Whether you would like to refresh your website and social media imagery or you would like to work together to develop a particular idea to capture the story of your company - We would love to hear from you.

How we do it

We work with natural daylight and handpicked prop styling. We love minimalism, because this aesthetic is impactful and with that we capture what is unique to your brand. 

After consulting with you, we create a mood board, to set the tone right from creative aspects and make sure we are on the same page. Together with you we create a shot list of the images we intend to capture. This gives us the possibility and freedom to fully concentrate on your product on the day when the shoot is happening.

We have an in-house archive of props, especially for food, collected from near and far. However if we don't find it in our prop library - we will use our network to get our hands on the requested props.


By the end of the process you will receive a custom library of photographs and/or videos with a cohesive feel through all the images, for you to use on a range of social media platforms.

Through our experience and trained eye on photo selection and editing we will make sure that your images meet the current zeitgeist. 

ROXYROY is represented in Germany by Kristina Korb

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